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A Collaborative Journey

Capella Maldives is a PGA development that tastefully brings together the creative talents of Kengo Kuma, André Fu and Vladimir Djurovic.

Architecture that reveals the essence of nature

Preserving tradition through timeless design. Nature and art in harmonious balance. Experience the intimacy of being in close relationship with nature. Kengo Kuma creates spaces that are universal and timeless, yet peopled by your unique memories.

An enchanted journey, contemporary yet authentic.

These are what the award winning interiors of André Fu offer. Authentic detailing integrates Maldivian touches and locally sourced materials with custom-built fittings, encouraging a way of being in the world that is relaxed yet awakens the senses.

Connecting people to nature, discovering the essence of the place.

Go on a sensual journey through captivating landscapes that are deeply rooted in the local. Vladmir Djurovic’s harmonious environments are a sensual balance of sculptural elements, impeccable details and lush vegetation.

Preserving tradition. Heightening discovery. Celebrating individuality.

Capella Hotel Group are masters in the craft of The Stay. Each Capella location offers an experience curated for the curious: blending nature, history and the finest attention to detail to envelope and delight the senses.

Creating long-term value, investing in key areas.

PGA is a well-known investment firm headquartered in Hong Kong, its businesses are diversified across a wide spectrum of regions, industries and asset classes including private equity, cultural and tourism realty as well as investment in global capital markets. In the field of global tourism of property, PGA creates distinctive masterworks for the discerning individual, including Capella Maldives with high artistic value, two integrated casino and lifestyle resorts in Las Vegas and 5-star executive residences in Los Angeles.